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Sunday Meditations from Greeley, CO

From Deacon Joseph Meilinger

Your local ersatz monk.

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1266        The most Holy Trinity gives the baptized sanctifying grace

the grace of justification:

— enabling them to believe in God, to hope in him, and to love him through the theological virtues;

— giving them the power to live and act under the prompting of the Holy Spirit through the gifts of the Holy Spirit;

— allowing them to grow in goodness through the moral virtues.

Thus the whole organism of the Christian’s supernatural life has its roots in Baptism.

Random Thought 1: Well we come to the official end of the Christmas Season on the Liturgical calendar. I have a little sadness at leaving the season of lights and joy and love. There is nothing better than Christmas music and feelings of family dinners with children laughing and playing around the decorated tree. But my courage is bolstered when I consider the anticipation of his coming again. I can never tire of Christmas.

Random Thought 2: I am very nervous thinking about the Catholic (true Catholic) and pro-life congress people who will now have to defend the pro-life position in the U.S. House of Represetatives. The Dems have already drawn up bills to reverse pro-life regulations that the president put in place. The Democratic party is more vehemently pro abortion as they move further and further to the left. Socialism and communism are based on a Godless society in order to function.

Random Thought 3: After the Mass a young couple talked to me about joining the Church. I hadn't met the husband before, and I asked what church he was now attending.  After a short hesitation, he replied, "I am transferring from the Municipal Golf Course."`