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Sunday Meditations from Greeley, CO

From Deacon Joseph Meilinger

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2612 — In Jesus “the Kingdom of God is at hand.” He calls his hearers to conversion and faith, but also to watchfulness. In prayer the disciple keeps watch, attentive to Him Who Is and Him Who Comes, in memory of his first coming in the lowliness of the flesh, and in the hope of his second coming in glory. In communion with their Master, the disciples’ prayer is a battle; only by keeping watch in prayer can one avoid falling into temptation.

Random Thought 1: I am pondering over the keyboard wondering what I want to say here and I am, at the moment, at a loss for words. This is not a good thing fo a writer, or at least one who thinks he is a writer of sorts.

    The difficulty I have had with the computers lately convinces me that the era for computer dominance over the world is still a long way off. I once read an article, by some physicist who theorized that God was actually a huge perfect super-computer and went on to explain how that worked. The article was beyond my grade level and I believe far short of God’s level, but everyone has their own picture of God.

Random Thought 2: One of the problems with our society today is the superb means of communication that we have developed. In an instant we are aware of the robbery of a church in Spain; the knifing of an immigrant in Sweden; or the murder of a policeman in Maine. Do we need to have all this information? We have enough problems here in our own community. It’s not that we don’t care about these people, but do we have to know everything that has happened worldwide? Years ago we would never have known any of these details. We know there is evil in the world and people who do not have good intentions, but the amount of happenings that pour in daily can be overwhelming if not depressing.

We are in a daily battle with evil and our weapon is prayer and the Church but spare us all the details of the evil deeds, it only makes them stronger. It’s no wonder that the suicide rates are soaring.