Monk’s Corner


Sunday meditations from Greeley, CO

by Deacon Joseph Meilinger,

Your local ersatz Monk

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“The world today lives online,  so that’s where we have to evangelize.”

Sunday Sermons

Random Thought 1: Not able to do much thinking lately so my random thoughts are going to be very short. I am traveling to celebrate with one of my grand daughters her marriage to a fine young man. The traveling does not allow me to consider in any depth the problems of the world and our society but only to concentrate on family and young love and commitment.

I love all my readers and wish you were all here to share our family joy.

Random Thought 2: As I write this message the United  States along with Great Britain and France, is attacking Syria in response to using chemical weapons against their own people. Please call on the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary to bring the world to peace.

Will Post later