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Random Thought 1: Here is an example of the confused morality that is present in our society today: In reaction to the shootings in Nevada, Physicians in the Eastern states were very upset that we didn’t have gun laws to prevent people from committing suicide. A statement made by physicians in Ohio.

    At the same time doctors primarily in the western states are assisting people to commit suicide by the thousands. The numbers are hard to get because states, other than Washington, do not allow numbers to be publicized. But based on published numbers it is well into the thousands.

    The bible tells us that the powers of evil will make the good seem evil and the evil appear to be good, but I’m not sure what these physicians are trying to tell us since they seem to be working both sides of the street.

Random Thought 2: On October 18th we celebrate the Feast of St.Luke the Evangelist. St. Luke, the inspired author of the third Gospel and of the Acts of the Apostles, was a native of Antioch in Syria and a physician, and one of the early converts from paganism. He accompanied St. Paul on a considerable part of his missionary journey. He was also his companion while in prison at Rome on two different occasions. His account of these events, contained in the Acts, is firsthand history.

Luke's Gospel is, above all, the Gospel of the Merciful Heart of Jesus. It emphasizes the fact that Christ is the salvation of all men, especially of the repentant sinner and of the lowly. Legend says that Luke painted the Blessed Virgin's portrait. It is certainly true that he painted the most beautiful word-picture of Mary ever written.

Thou Shalt Keep Holy the Lord’s Day

by Archbishop José Gomez

by John Henry Westen