Although we must labor strenuously that the light of the gospel may illumine the minds of all men, yet our first need is to beg this of God through loving and fervent prayer.

                    — Pope Pius XII

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Keep Holy The Lord’s Day

Deacon Joe, is what they call me.

I am Joseph Herman Robert Meilinger IV. In my youth I studied to be a priest for 6 years. Left the seminary and studied at Loyola University, Chicago, majoring in philosophy with a minor in psychology. Eventually married a wonderful woman, Denise Travers, the mother of my four children, to whom I have been married for 57 years. I have four, practicing Catholic children and 11 grand children who are my pride and joy.

    My great grandfather, grandfather, and father were butchers. I began to learn butchering at the age of 9. So it is not surprising that I made my living in the meat industry. I began with Hygrade Foods, was a buyer for A&P Tea Co, and finished in Colorado as a VP of sales and marketing for Monfort of Colorado for 27 years. After that I went to work for the Church full time.

    When my children became adults I was called back to ministry in the Church. Thanks to Vatican Council II, I was able to take four more years of studies and I was ordained a deacon of the Church in 1989. I am a Knight Commander in the Equestrian Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. A Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus and I have practiced as a deacon for 30 years and I love my ministry and all the people I have met through it. Officially I am a retired deacon, with faculties, as of my 75th birthday, however I continue to participate liturgically at Our Lady of the Valley Parish. A deacon has no official parish except the cathedral since he answers to the Archbishop but he may work in any parish with the pastor’s permission.

    I have dedicated myself to spread the Word of God to all people, thus the reason for this blog. I repeat daily the words the bishop said to me at ordination, as he handed me the Book of Gospels: “Believe what you read, teach what you believe, and practice what you teach.”


Archdiocese of Denver