Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1: I have talked to a couple of people who have had the Covid-19 and they both convinced me that you do not want to get this disease, no matter whether you survive it or not. For us elderly it is a very serious sickness and leaves one with certainweaknessesthat may or may not ever go away. As with the rest of you, I am dependent on the Lord and I pray to him for protection. Combine that with my trust only in my own personal physician and our local health workers.

This is the only way to go since the regulations, opinions, and directions coming out of our national, local media and the many arms of government that all seem to contradict each other. For example, today,The WHO announced that masks are not necessary, in fact, may be moredetrimental than helpful. Across the street, the C.D.C. came out with request to all persons to wear a mask for amultiplicity of reasons. I am tired of all the numerical data going over and over how many have it, how many survived it, how many died, which is a number that no one believes.

Random Thought 2:Iam afraid of how this whole thing is going to effect the Church in the long run. I hope there will be no liturgical changes thatareput into the Eucharist using this virus as an excuse to do things that are not really allowed, e.g. communion in the hand only, I agree with Cardinal Burke that we must put the sacredness back into the Liturgy and respect it for what it is. Ifwearyto secularize it we will losemore people than we have in the past. I will not participate as a deacon until they can come up with a vaccine.Wehave to trust the Holy Spirit to keep us on the straight and narrow, for as Jesus warned us, "you must take the narrow way."