Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1: My wife and I were Lucky to be called early to receive the Moderna vaccine. Which we happily did; our second injection was on January 25, 2021. Resulting in one sore arm but no other effects for over a month now. Today I am reading all kinds of horror stories, both in the Catholic and secular press, of serious medical consequences from the COVID -19 vaccines. My first concern is why did these so-called journalists wait until millions of people had been vaccinated to tell the stories that are mostly from early injections. Secondly, the percentage of these anecdotal stories is smaller than the ineffective percentage of the drug as advertised. How many people get sick from or have complications with the flu shots every year? Everything is over-blown with this virus including our over-blown government! After all is said-and-done, my Archbishop was inoculated with the same vaccine shortly after we received ours, so I am comfortable with that.

Random Thought 2: The situation in the Church seems to get more complicated every day. Recently, Cardinal Robert Sarah has resigned and hie resignation has been accepted by Pope Francis. Cardinal Sarah is an African Prelate and a conservative when it comes to the Liturgy and the interpretation of doctrine. I am sorry to see him go. I have read all of the books he has written and they are wonderful, especially the book on “Silence,” He was especially clear on the teachings of the Church in regard to the question of homosexuality and genders.