Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1: I haven’t put my thoughts together very well this weekbecauseI’vebeen in the hospital taking care of some of my prostate problems i.e. the side effects left over from prostate cancer. What I did learn is that when you are in pain you turn immediatelyto the Lord for help and he does listen to your pleas.I'm home now and doing much better. Being a cancersurvivor can be a complicated life, but Iaccept it with love as my cross.

Random Thought 2: Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Mourning her death is Christian because all life is precious. She is being touted as the savior of women’s rights, maybe so, but what about themillions of women she allowed to be murdered in the womb? As data shows that sex selective abortion favors the male child. She was also supportive of all LGBTQ causes. She wasfighterfor her causes, an activist judge, and a hardworking Justice. May the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob forgive her her sins and may she Rest In Peace.

Random Thought 3:“Catholics for Biden” is a scam,many priests say,“A Catholic cannot vote for Biden. Here are some of the ways Biden violates his Catholic faith:

* The Democratic Party has eliminated God from their platform.Andall documentspertaining thereto, with his knowledge and support.

* Supports abortion

* Supports contraception

* Supports immoral bio experimentation

* Supports LBGTQperversions, has personally performed a same-sex wedding.

* Supports population control methods worldwide

* Opposes freedom of conscience and religion. Promises to force Little Sisters of the Poor to provideabortifacients to employees.

* Has remained quiet while left-wing organizations have attacked CatholicChurchesand property.

* He has publicly denied support for the Hyde Act.

Need we say more?