Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1:Well, my friends I am now back in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism. Don’t feel bad for me because the Lord keep saving me until He is ready for me. He wants me to suffer with Him some more before I am ready to be with Him.So I bear my cross with Him and embrace it with love and joy in my heart. However not in my body. I was close to death Thursday evening but between my savior and modern medicine they brought me back from the door. Keep praying — Please.

Random Thought 2: Former Cardinal and defrocked priest Ted McCarrick is now being brought before criminal court for three counts of sexual assault of a teen age boy in the 1970’s. This is the first Cardinal charge with these charges in the U.S. in the history of the Church. This is a great scandal for the Church and I pass it on to those who might not be aware, so that you may also be prepared for your enemies . The trial will begin August 26, 2021.

Random Thought 2: How about some “good” news? 228 Republicans from Congress have filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to use delicacy and sensitivity on abortion policy moving back to state and county governments during their review of Mississippi’s fifteen week abortion ban.

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