Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1: My friends, it is not a coincidence that the announcement of the overturing of Roe vs Wade as law, on the Solemnity of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. No, the hand of God and the heart of Jesus is surely involved in this event. — Our prayers have reached a level that caused the Lord to act on the conscience of the Justices. 

    However, our work is not done, now we must go to work on changing our state law, which allows abortion at any time in pregnancy right up to the day of delivery. We must pray for our fellow citizens to change hearts in order to change the law. I am not sure if this will be as difficult as it was to change the federal law. But we know now that the Lord is working with us, so it is important not to let up with our prayer and support of the sanctity of life in all cases; including euthanasia, assisted suicide, and gender mutilation.

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