Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1: Though it is Easter season, I am continually confronted with the daily repetition of President Joe Biden as a “devout Catholic.” Yes, Joe Biden is a baptized Catholic, a member of my Church and that is what makes me so angry, is he devout — I think not. He promotes all the things that are against the doctrines of the Church: abortion, the sanctity of marriage, gender as science and God has taught it, and more things of lesser importance. The preeminent of these is abortion. The taking of innocent life for no good reason, because there is no good reason, ever. Each life is sacred and given by God.

     Over the years many people have asked, how the German people could have allowed the death camps where millions of people were murdered, for no good reason. Well, since Roe v Wade we have killed more people than all the death camps combined. How can we have allowed this to happen? The Popes, the Bishops, and most of the priests and deacons have preached against this for years. 

     Yet, a large percentage of Catholics voted for Joe Biden, knowing his stance on abortion. They should repent of their sin or flee the faith in which they were baptized or they should never present themselves for holy communion. 

     If we don’t respect the right to life, then we don’t have any more rights. If we cannot hold life as the basic, sacred right given by God, the author of life, then all other rights will diminish as we see happening in our country today. — God save us, because He is the only one that can.