Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1: Archbishop Vigano:“We know very well that what the homosexualist lobby wants to obtain is not the integration of normal and honest people butrathertheimpositionof seriously sinful, sociallydestabilizing models of life that have always been exploited to demolish the family and society. It is no coincidence that the promotion of the homosexual agenda is part of the globalist project, in conjunction with the destruction of the natural family.

From that quote we can plainly see that the devil is working all these things together as an army of evil that attacks many of our society in theirmost workableweakness. Are you a globalist; that is the first point of attack. Are youclimate freak; you are the left flank. Are you a communist; that is theright flank. Are you a sexual freedom rider; you canattackGod, the Bible, the family, and marriage, you are thecavalry leading the charge. Yes, the evil army seems now fully arrayed on the battlefield and many of the tempted are picking their weakness, notrealizingit is all oneevilarmy of Satan.

Random Thought 2: Thefuturelooks good for Trump as his polls seem to be going up like the last time. The concern for we who believe in America is the future beyond Trump, because we know that the other side is pushing an ideology not a political party. If you know the history of that ideology you know that they don’t give up. From the Time of Karl Marx, Joseph Engels and Vladimir Lennon the followers have building andscheminga method to take down these United States and thecapitalist giant they have become. Stay tuned there is much“to do”ahead.