Random Thoughts

I am leaving this in because I dont know if anybody saw it.

Random Thought 1: I went through that history of the Liturgy so that we could all understand how the Liturgy is a living thing that changes as society and Catholics have grown in our worship of the Lord over the years. What is most important is that the actions and the words of Jesus at the Last Supper have never changed. This is the heart of the true presence that the Lord has promised in this transubstantiated bread we receive in Holy Communion.

In reference to what is happening today those who have found the “Latin Mass” as something more conducive to piety and holiness of worship, good for them, but to refuse what was changed by the Fathers of the Church at Vatican II is not acceptable. 

I once wrote a paper for a continuing education theology class at Regis University explaining how the Liturgy was never properly interpreted from the Apostolic Constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium, on the Liturgy. I received an A+  on my paper. Just to name a few things about this document it should be noted that the Fathers never said the entire Mass should be in the vernacular; the document does not state that the priest should face the people; the document does say that Gregorian Chant should be the proper music for the Liturgy and a number of other differences. The point being that you can not condemn the Mass as said according to the Second Vatican Council because it was never properly followed. 

Next week - my feelings about the “Tridentine Latin Mass” 

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