Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1: Well.The Good News is: some ofthebishopsof the Church are coming out frombehindtheir curtains and stating the Truth against the politicalridiculousnessin our country. For example, bishop Strickland of Tyler. TX, whose statement I have linked to on the“link page” on how Catholics should vote.

Catholicbishops ofthecommonwealth ofKentucky have decided to disobeytheDemocrat Governor’s order to suspend in-person Sunday worship for two weeks.

Bishops have forbidden Catholics from using coronavirus vaccines derived from aborted babies.

SanFrancisco mayor and Bay Area media have excoriated Fr. Joseph Illo, Pastor of Star oftheSea parish in SanFrancisco, for encouraging his parishioners to attend Sunday Mass during the California shutdown. Accusing him, among other things, of putting God above man!

Catholics in Ventura, CA are suing the city for attempting to remove Fr. Serra from the city seal. Lawyer for the Church declared, assaults on Fr. Serra should be seen as assaults by those who hateCatholics.

Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee has said,“I will go to jail before I close. I refuse to live in constant fear.

US‘front-line' doctor’s website exposes‘criminal’campaign by tech giants, govt. agencies to block Covid cure.

Random Thought 2: On the other side of thenews, in Portland, OR the ANTIFA bunch are into the 70th day of so-called peaceful protests and are now burning Bibles and American flags, thus giving away the real reason for their anarchy. This group espouses anarchism and Marxism, using violence to achieve its goals, but Democrats refuse to condemn them. — Meanwhile, back in D.C. our dear marxist AOC questioned Catholic bishops,“I would like to know why our whole religion is centered on someone who seemed to consider himself a white savior.”— My opinion is: we had better watch her closely, she may be the real anti-christ!

Random Thought 3: I am getting quitenauseaslistening to every major media outlet defending Joe Biden by saying,“he is a devout Catholic.”This coming because POTUS rightly called Joe Godless. His platform defends abortion at any time during pregnancy including at birth and demands govt.should pay for all abortions. Please, anyone of importance don’t let them say JoeBidenis a‘Devout Catholic’or I’m going to puke.