Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1: Wednesday June 24, 2020 I celebrated my 31st anniversary of ordination to the diaconate. My wife and I went to morning Mass at Our Lady of the Valley parish, and afterward went to breakfast with Deacon Harold Kimble and his wife Gloria. Harold and I are classmates so it was a mutualcelebration. It was a simple but joyful breakfast as we discussed our deceased classmates and the things that happened during our formation years.

What struck me after our discussions was that even after 31 years of ministry and all the people and miracles that we experienced; the most sacred thing we still consider is the mystery of why we were called to this wonderful ministry of the Church. It gives real meaning to Jesus’words,“You do not choose me, it is I who choose you.”He sees something in everyone that will bring them to him, but it is up to each of us to discern what that is and build it with Jesus help. In that way he will help us spiritually grow into the person he knows we can be.