Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1: We are confronted today with legalized abortion; assisted suicide and euthanasia; total acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle; the unscientific acceptance of multiple genders, depending on the particular sexual perversion of the individual; medical paraphernalia and medicines that are mandated to be utilized. And the brainwashing of our children in public schools.

The political events and the governmental actions that have taken place this last year are dangerous and continue the nation on a path to socialistic authoritarianism or better said, Communism. 

Our president breaks the law (constitution) on a daily basis and the courts have declared many of his actions to be illegal, but the regime completely ignores the findings of the courts or skirts their way around them. The Supreme Court has even ruled against the regime with absolutely no response from the White House, because the only federal agencies that can enforce the rulings of Scotus are controlled by the regime.

Republicans keep licking their chops for the mid-term election coming in Nov. of ’22 but there is a lot more damage to be done before that and it is much more difficult to undo legislation than to develop it. Meanwhile we move, as a nation, closer and closer to total totalitarianism. The next step my friends is elimination of our religions as they have already wiped God from our public life. As an example, platform of the Democratic Party contains not one reference to the Almighty God.

Random Thought 2: Based on what I have said in the above thought it is now very important for the Church to rise up against this socialistic Marxism that we are slowly being immersed in by our politicians. But the Church is in as much disarray as the government — mabybe more. For example, recently the bishops and cardinals of the USCCB, direct descendents of the Apostles, refused to stand up for the teaching of the Church and the teaching of Christ in regard to the Eucharist. Avoiding the issue hoping it will go away. Maybe we can do our examination of conscience like that? — what do you think? 

More on this next week.

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