Random Thought 1: 

Random Thought 1:  It seems that another committee has been formed by the Vatican to look into the possibility of ordaining women to the diaconate. Now I have observed three other committees on this subject and three declarations of the impossibility to admit women to the sacrament of Holy Orders. I immediately asked myself, why  are these heterodox bishops (and there are many in the Vatican) trying to force the issue again. Three popes have issued written documents answering  this question. Pope Francis, in one of his famous interviews was asked if there was a possibility of having women as deacons and his simple answer was, “No,”

            Also in the new document for the Synod, this fall, there is no mention of ordaining women to the priesthood or diaconate, as well as no mention of anything related to LGBT in the document. Why are these bishops allowed to continue efforts of heresy, when the question has been answered by three Vicars of Christ. These events just show the crisis and confusion in the Church today, pray to the Holy Spirit, that he may open the minds of these men to the truth of Jesus Christ.