He who winks at a fault causes trouble, 

but he who frankly reproves promotes peace. Prov. 10:10 

Random Thought 1: Christians, be strong! We are disciples of Christ, as Jesus of Nazareth walked this earth he taught us what was was right and what was wrong, what was good and what was evil. Now we walk the same earth and we must continue to teach what he taught us. Like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, we recognize him, every time, in the breaking of the bread. He sets our hearts on fire as we remember him in his Word and recall his commands and his love for us. We are now under attack by the enemy of Christ, the enemy of heaven: the father of lies. We know who he is, his demons are attacking us from every direction in our culture today; but Christ will ultimately conquer this evil and save our souls, only if we stay close to him and continue to meet him in the breaking of the bread. 

Random Thought 2: The parliament of Uganda has passed an anti-homosexuality law. This law criminalizes sodomy and other depraved behaviors. The President of this majority Christian country declared that the pro LGBT countries of the West should “stop wasting the time of humanity by imposing their social practices on us.” Brothers and sisters, the Christians of Africa are striking back at the evil of Satan; support them. The President further stated: “Those who believe in it in their country, have it there. In our country, we will have our morals, we will protect our children. We are making this law for our children. We are making this law for the children of our children. This country will stand firm … homosexuals have no space in Uganda.” Some of the punishments for homosexuality and genderism are a bit extreme in my mind but yet needed to enforce the law.