Random Thought 1: 

Random Thought 1:  The Church is adding members every year through the RCIA programs in all dioceses. However, the amount of people failing to attend weekly Mass or actively practicing the faith is declining at an ever greater rate. The generation now in their 50s and 60s are trying to be Catholics but are lukewarm at best. The generation of their children, teens and twenties, seem to have a definite lack of interest in religion as a whole. The statistics are worse for those who have attended public schools, which is the majority. The following generation who are now for the most part toddlers are lost unless their parents can be properly evangelized. 

            I realize that I will be accused of painting with a broad brush, yet I do admit there are very good practicing Catholics in all these generations, but if you look at the statistics in the Pew Poll and others you will see the same the same trends I have stated. If you read Karl Marx or anyone who has knowledge of his communist agenda, you will find that he names the walls that must be broken for communism to flourish, they are: Religion (belief in God), Marriage, and Family Life. The very things being attacked by the Woke Agenda of our society. Though, they are a small minority, they have immense recognition through the leftist media and teachers union to spread their propaganda

               This is what is causing the great uproar about the speech that the Kansa City Chiefs’ kicker expressed. He rightly professed the the reality of these truths at a Catholic University and set  the Woke people on fire with hate for the very things we believe to be truths taught by Jesus’ Church. He has many defenders from different areas of the society and it is heartening that much of it comes from the Church. Give him support if and when you can with your neighbors.`

Random Thought 2: The overused cop-out these days used famously by the wicked groups in our society. You know whom they are! The cop-out goes like this: “ God condemns the sin, but loves the sinner.”  It is important to understand that God does hate the sin but in order for him to give his love  i. e. Mercy and forgiveness to the sinner, He expects the sinner to repent of his sin and strive not to sin again. It does not mean you just plead the cop-out and then continue sinning as before, thinking you now have God’s love.