Random Thought 1: In the documentation of birth today there is a  trend of using a form that states: “sex assigned at birth” (SAB) which should simply say,  “sex” for hospital records and birth certificates, this is part of an increasing emphasis in society of supporting gender theory. It also insulates these institutions from militant gangs, national media and certain politicians, the practice has been called “safetyism.” In fact, the term SAB takes the birth of a child and turns it away from actual biological facts, and fills it with a false ideology which only serves to increase social and political divisions. Hopefully, this will change procedures in Catholic hospitals and physicians, where necessary, after interpreting the recent Vatican document “Declaration on Human Dignity” which condemns Gender Theory as a threat to human dignity.

Random Thought 2: This is the season of flowers. Flowers must have grown in the Garden of Eden and there are many flowery stories about Eden. For example: before it became the flower of earth, the Rose grew thornless in paradise. Only after Adam sinned did it take on thorns to remind mankind of the sin committed, and the fall from grace. The fragrance and beauty remain. It continues to be a classic symbol of Mary, the new Eve, the rose without thorns. In fact, it is reported that wherever Mary has appeared on earth a strong smell of roses has lingered during and after her appearances. 

            Lilies of the Valley sprung up, it is said, where Eve’s repentant tears fell as she was banished from Eden. In Europe thee same flowers are named after the new Eve: “Our Lady’s Tears.”  A symbol of humility and purity dedicated to Mary. Thus the crowning of Mary with flowers in the month of May. “O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today, Queen of the angels, Queen of the May.”