Random Thought 1:  As we continue on our journey of faith amidst all the confusion in the Church,  the rhetoric from the politicians, and the violence in our culture. It should be obvious to us that the devil is working overtime to attack all those who still believe in our loving and merciful God. However we must be strong in our belief that He will overpower Satan and all his demons and we must be willing to accept the trials and tribulation that He may send to the world in order for Him to convert some of the lost souls. Remember that the Good Shepherd will always be searching for His lost sheep. Meanwhile, those of us who are safely in His fold; it is up to us to communicate with Him asking for His mercy and forgiveness. We know his voice and He knows ours, so pray my brothers and sisters for the Church and our country, for peace in the world and for the protection of St. Michael. 

Random Thought 2: I think that a wonderful penitential act for Advent as well as Lent would be to say the chaplet of Divine Mercy, daily or at least on Fridays for the seasons. This is a powerful prayer and during my 18 years of prison ministry it brought many men to their knees in real penance for their weaknesses and their sins. So consider this prayer and maybe even the novena starting Good Friday and ending the Sunday after Easter.