Random Thought 1: This week in Missouri the body of a Benedictine nun buried for four years was discovered to be incorrupt. She was the foundress of the Benedictine’s of Mary, Queen of Apostles, in Gower, Missouri. Her name is Wilhelmina Lancaster. Surprisingly, Sister was not embalmed and buried in a simple pine box; she had no vault protecting her from the elements. This whole story seems to be a miracle brought about by God, but we shall wait and see. The Church proceeds with declarations of miracle very slowly and surely.

        While I was hearing about this possible miracle I also became aware of the LA Dodgers baseball team allowing ‘The Drag Nuns’, an anti-Catholic LGBT group to attend and be honored at the Dodgers game on June 16th, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Bishops and lay people have spoke against the Dodgers. Senator Rubio made the statement that shamefully not surprisingly the Dodgers found it necessary to invite a group of anti-Catholic bigots to their facilities.

        My thought is: can you think of a greater dichotomy than this? The discovery of a holy nun of God who is surely in heaven with her Creator as opposed to a Satanic group of faux nuns who are cursing God and blaspheming the Church of Christ. How is this possibly reconciled, how do we love our enemy?